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Christmas Tree Mold: An Easily Preventable Problem!

By: Concrobium Mold Experts


Nothing beats the festive scent of a real Christmas tree! But aside from having to sweep up shedding pines every other day, there are other downsides to keeping a live fir in your home. Most Christmas trees are cut in advance of the holidays and stored in a moist environment, making them a likely mold source. In fact, a study carried out by ABC News  found that the mold count from a live Christmas tree rose to 5 times the normal level 2 weeks after the tree was brought indoors. This undoubtedly proves problematic for people with mold allergies or sensitivities to spores in the air.

Christmas trees are coniferous softwoods, which naturally hold a lot of moisture, so combine this with slow decay and it’s inevitable that mold will begin to form, particularly in a warm household environment. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo the tradition. There’s two easy steps to prevent it from becoming a problem;

  1. Before you bring the tree into your home, wash it first! Set a hose to a hard spray to get into the nooks and crannies, and wipe the tree down thoroughly with a mild solution of Concrobium Mold Control Spray on a damp cloth. This will remove any existing mold. Wait for the surface to dry off, and then spray an additional light layer of Concrobium all over, to prevent mold spores from forming. This residue will remain on the tree for the duration of the holidays.
  1. Clean air will also reduce mold exposure. Run an air purifier in the same room as the live tree to lessen the effects of any rogue spores in the atmosphere.

This doesn’t only apply to your tree, but Christmas decorations in general! Think of that beautiful wreath you bought from the local florist? It’s likely a hotpot of mold and mildew! Use the steps above to ensure it stays fresh for longer, and doesn’t introduce allergens into your home.

It’s that simple! While many people increasingly opt for artificial trees, by using Concrobium Mold Control Spray, you can avoid the sniffling and sneezing associated with an influx of allergens in the air, as well as extend the life of your confiner – and enjoy that lovely pine scent for longer!

Ornaments and decorations which have been left to fester in storage for a year can also fall victim to mustiness and mold-related decay if not put away correctly the year before. To prevent mold and mildew from devouring your holiday keepsakes, and keep them looking good as new year after year, follow these simple steps.

  1. Use clear, plastic bins rather than organic materials such as cardboard boxes. This will protect it from water-damage and rodents, and allow you to easily see the contents inside.
  2. Place a Concrobium Moisture Grabber inside each container; these handy little pouches come in packs of three and absorb any excess moisture in the air, preventing mold or mildew from forming.

*If you are storing things outside of containers in your attic, basement or garage, you can use the Moisture Grabbers XL – covering up to 1,000 cubic feet – to protect your belongings for up to six months at a time.

And there you have it; a fresh, mold-free holiday season is in store! If you have any mold-specific questions or concerns, reach out to us by email, or connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!




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