Concrobium Mold Control: Now A Holmes Approved Product

  At Concrobium Mold Solutions we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.  We’re serious about fighting mold and we pride ourselves on our approach to the issue– mold remediation is a process, not a product.  Our approach has attracted a lot of attention and a serious amount of praise through the years from…… Read more »

Tis The Season…For Mold?

At this very festive time of year, the last thing anyone is thinking about is mold.  Typically, mold has a hard time growing in cold, dry conditions so most of the places around your home susceptible to a mold outbreak are pretty safe.  But that doesn’t mean mold wont take hold this holiday season.  If…… Read more »

It’s the Great Concrobium Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  At Concrobium Mold Solutions we love hearing how you’ve used and loved our products.  We receive a steady stream of messages that start off as horror stories where mold is discovered in a a dark secluded corner of the family home and threatens the health and safety of all who dwell there.  Fortunately, most of…… Read more »

Musty Basement? Treat it with Concrobium Mold Control Aerosol

Chances are good that if you have a basement and you’ve spent any time in it whatsoever, you’ve probably noticed that distinctive, slightly funky, musty basement smell. Chances are also good that you’ve likely just accepted that smell as something that all basements have. While many basements have that musty basement smell in common, it’s…… Read more »

Concrobium Mold Control Featured in The Family Handyman

    The Family Handyman Magazine, one of the most popular and well-respected sources for the lastest on DIY projects has given a HUGE shout-out to Conrobium Mold Control.  Appearing under the banner “Stuff We Love” right in the front of the magazine on Page 8 the editors had this to say about Concrobium Mold…… Read more »

Mold-Fighting Tips from DIY Expert Steve Maxwell

DIY Expert Steve Maxwell has been a passionate champion of Concrobium Mold Solutions for years.  In a recent article he gives readers several important tips on how to deal with mold inside their homes.  The first paragraph of the piece is so important it’s worth quoting in its entirety: Most Canadians have just enough knowledge…… Read more »

Don’t let mold sink your real estate deal

The temperature isn’t the only thing warming up this time of year.  Spring also represents the unofficial start of the real estate season’s peak period of sales.  Once the frost departs, the market starts booming with folks looking for a simple change of scenery or families looking for bigger spaces. The sales window is tight…… Read more »

Mold School: Making of a Mold Expert

Here at Concrobium Mold Solutions we take being mold experts seriously.  It’s not just a marketing ploy, something we made up we truly believe the best way to help our customers combat mold problems is to be as knowledgeable as possible and become subject matter experts on the topic.  And where do you learn about…… Read more »

Winter Water Damage: burst pipes can leave moldy surprises

Water damage from burst pipes? Concrobium Mold Control Can Help!

How To Fight Indoor Mold using Concrobium Mold Solutions

Unsurprisingly, a picture is worth 1000 words even when fighting indoor mold.  We’ve had a lot of calls to our customer service department on exactly how to apply our products, and rather than fill your screen with a lot of text,  Concrobium Mold Solutions has put together this quick little primer on how to use…… Read more »