Nov 201205

How to Clean Your Home After a Flood – Tips from Lou Manfredini on the Today Show

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

As power was restored to thousands of homes, the next phase of recovery is cleaning up. Learn how to clean your home after a flood and deal with mold from TODAY contributor Lou Manfredini. This segment features Concrobium Mold Control – thanks to the team at the Today Show and Lou Manfredini for including Concrobium Mold Control!

Please note, that although people do use bleach to clean up the mold – we recommend using Concrobium to kill the mold. Learn why we believe you should ditch the bleach.

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Sean McCarthy
| 2 years ago

my basement carpet and padding got wet from this last rain we had, i did rent a carpet cleaner to suck up as much water as i could, but the carpet and padding still some what wet, what should i do....?

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