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Concrobium Mold Control – “Best Mold Killing Product”

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Concrobium Mold Control was featured in the Ottawa Citizen! The article is written by Steve Maxwell, who provides DIY advice on how to kill mold, recommending Concrobium Mold Control as the best mold killing product.  

Q: How can I kill mould that appears and reappears in a corner of our bedroom ceiling? It’s the place where the ceiling meets an outside wall. I scrub the stains off each spring, but it returns the following winter.

A: Although this situation seems strange, the explanation is pretty simple. A lack of attic insulation directly above the area that gets mouldy allows the ceiling surface to become cold during winter. The cold drywall encourages condensation and this moisture fosters mould growth. I’ve seen this situation before and it’s especially pronounced in corners because air circulation is often slow there.

Your first step to get rid of mould begins in the attic. This will probably be challenging because there won’t be much room to work. As the roof frame tapers down toward the edge of your house, space becomes short. That’s why this may be a job for spray foam insulation. Polyurethane formulations are closed cell, so they don’t allow internal condensation. You can remove existing insulation, then inject spray foam with tubing attached to the end of the spray wand.

To deal with the mouldy ceiling area, you first need to kill mould. This used to involve bleach, but this method isn’t as safe nor as effective as more modern options. The best mould-killing product I know about is called Concrobium Mold Control (concrobium.com). It’s a non-toxic liquid that you spray on the surface. As it dries, it kills mould and mould spores by mechanical action, crushing them physically. Concrobium also offers residual anti-mould action that prevents regrowth if the area ever does get damp again. Concrobium also offers the most effective mould stain removal product I know about. It’s called Mold Stain Eraser. Mix the powder with water, then apply it with a sprayer. Mould stains disappear without scrubbing.

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Tamara Dawson
| 3 years ago

I driving to Home Depo to buy today.

Ryan Jackson
| 3 years ago

Will this Kill black mold and prevent it from coming back? Is this a spray bottle or Jug? What are the types of mold that this kills?

| 3 years ago

Even though mold growing in your shower or bathroom isn't usually toxic, you will still want to take precautions when cleaning it, especially in a large area.
Mold spores can be released into the air when disturbed. Any type of mold spores can cause skin and respiratory irritation.
Use a dust/face masks that you can use to cover your nose and mouth.

Elizabeth Richards
| 2 years ago

Mike I watch u when ever u are on my area and I love you you are the best in my eyes and I trust your word on conception mold, control

gaetano J scarpaci
| 2 years ago

I remove mold for my career and I would like to learn more about your products I can be reached at 5:08 292 9134

Roger Maraist
| 7 months ago

how can mold that is growing on/in stucco and cement be eliminated

Cory Arsenault
| 7 months ago

I have a whole house with a ton of water damage, I'm gutting out, fixing roof, and hope to gawd this works. Lots of mould. Everywhere!!!

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