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Mold School: Making of a Mold Expert

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Mold School Course ReadingHere at Concrobium Mold Solutions we take being mold experts seriously.  It’s not just a marketing ploy, something we made up we truly believe the best way to help our customers combat mold problems is to be as knowledgeable as possible and become subject matter experts on the topic.  And where do you learn about mold?  Why mold school, naturally.

Okay, there is no actual mold school but there is a course recognized by the IICRC that allows you to qualify as a Registered Mold Technician, so last week 90% of our corporate office (and everyone who even indirectly deals with the public:  customer service, marketing, and sales included) went back to the classroom (in this case our boardroom) and were taken through the ins-and-outs of the professional mold remediation process.

The course was taught by Michael Pinto of Wondermakers Inc., a well respected expert in the field of disaster recovery and.  After the first day of class everyone in the office started calling Michael the “mold whisperer” because his mold knowledge is formidable and only exceeded by his ability to make the course material really engaging (who knew)– it’s almost as if he can get you inside the head of mold (figuratively) and really understand how it operates.  Michael is a big fan of Concrobium Mold Solutions because there isn’t another product on the market as strong, safe and effective as Concrobium Mold Control. He believes our entire line of products can really push the disaster recover industry forward to adopt newer methods of mold remediation.Concrobium Mold Control Team Goes To Mold School

Everyone learned a lot from the 3 day course:  from interesting trivia like the actual difference between mold and mildew, to how to build a decontamination area to keep mold spores contained during the remediation process.  We learned that bleach isn’t just an ineffective tool to combat mold, it’s actually “mold fast food” (more on that in an upcoming post) and actually encourages the growth of new mold colonies.  Above all, we learned that mold need neither be dismissed nor feared but simply respected. Most outbreaks can be treated with a few simple precautions.  So next time you call customers service, you can rest assured that no matter who you get from our office on the other end of the line, we’re all experts here.

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