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Tis The Season…For Mold?

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Christmas_Tree2At this very festive time of year, the last thing anyone is thinking about is mold.  Typically, mold has a hard time growing in cold, dry conditions so most of the places around your home susceptible to a mold outbreak are pretty safe.  But that doesn’t mean mold wont take hold this holiday season.  If like many people, you’ve bought a live Christmas tree for the holidays this year, you may end up with an unwanted present from an invisible guest (hint:  it’s not courtesy a jolly elf and eight tiny reindeer).

According to Allergist Dr. Weily Soong with the Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center:

…sometimes people may confuse sneezing and runny nose with cold symptoms when instead they’re allergic to the tree. It’s what some doctors call Christmas Tree Syndrome. But it’s usually not the tree itself that makes you sick….mold in the tree or chemicals sprayed on it to preserve it are the problem, which can trigger allergy symptoms or cause an asthma attack. Mold loves moisture, so when you put the water in the tree it’s a great place for mold to grow, so it releases mold spores and people become allergic.

Dr. Soong said Christmas trees are full of moisture anyway because they’re stored outdoors. So mold is already growing on it before you buy one.  You can read the entire article on Christmas tree allergies here.

If you notice that you’re having any adverse reaction to your tree , you might want to think about buying an artificial one for next year but if you suspect your tree has mold, try using our new Concrobium Mold Control Aerosol.  It’s great for getting into those tough to reach places between branches (just make sure you do it before you hang the lights) and it leaves an antimicrobial shield so you can worry less about mold and concentrate on making merry.

Happy Holidays from the Concrobium Mold Solutions family to yours.

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