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Keep Dry: Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

If you live anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard and have had any issues controlling humidity in your home, RV, Cabin, or boat, Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL is the product you’ve been waiting for…

Concrobium Moisture Grabbers

You see, Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL is what’s known in the biz as a “desiccant”.  So what’s a desiccant you may ask?  Well trust our good friends at Wikipedia to have the answer:

desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that adsorb water

In layman’s terms, a desiccant works by pulling moisture out of the air, reducing the humidity in the space surrounding it.  If you’ve ever bought a new piece of luggage and upon opening it find a tiny little pouch of silica gel, you’ve seen a desiccant in action– it keeps the inside of your brand new piece of luggage free from humidity (and the mold and smells associated with moldy moisture  build-up) so that you can concentrate on your next big adventure rather than the moldy stowaways you might be carrying across international borders.

Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL uses a slightly different desiccating material but the results are very similar though on a much larger scale.  Instead of keeping the inside of your new luggage dry and mold free, it can manage the moisture in an entire basement, removing humidity from a space up to 1000 ft.  And no moisture in the basement means no musty smells!

Unlike other desiccants on the market, there’s no need to empty out a bucket full of briny water that’s always in peril of spilling.  Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL use super absorbent polymers to lock away all that unwanted moisture so that when it’s absorbed all the moisture it can, you can simply take the pouch (which will be dry to the touch) and throw it in the trash.

Think of Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL as a little mold insurance for your basement, crawl space,cottage or RV.  So if you live in along the Atlantic Coast, visit your local Home Depot and check out our Moisture Grabbers XL demo display where you can see the difference between a fresh pouch and a full one and learn all the tips and trick for managing moisture from one of Home Depot’s knowledgeable associates.  Try one today and keep the damp at bay all summer long.

Like the sound of Concrobium Moisture Grabbers? Check out our short video for more information!


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Sharon Patrick
| 3 years ago

How often and at what oven temperature should Moisture Grabbers pouches be re-charged. This is kept in a small safe.

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