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Steve Maxwell’s Mold Buster Part 2

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

If you’re looking for a great resource on how to deal with mold quickly and easily, there aren’t many better sources (well other than this website of course) than Steve Maxwell’s new e-book Mold Buster:  How to Fight Mold and Win.  His advice is practical, easy to understand and great for anyone looking to tackle a small mold job by themselves.












In the introduction he goes right back to basics with a quick primer on what mold is:

“Mold is a fungal organism that feeds on organic matter when moisture levels are high enough to trigger growth. If we could always keep moisture levels below the critical threshold, then mold wouldn’t be a problem.”

But since we live on a moist planet that gets downright wet at times, mold is constantly trying to get started. It’s ugly, it can make you sick and the most effective methods of mold control aren’t as obvious as you might think. In fact, getting rid of mold as safely and effectively as possible involves steps that are probably new to you. The best current options certainly go against common practice.

Early in the book he raises a good point about why mold is becoming more of an issue these days than it was in the past.  Most people might not realize but mold growth in homes has a lot to do with how much more energy efficient today’s houses have become.

“Changes in house design are one reason mold control is becoming a bigger issue all the time. Houses aren’t as drafty and “self-ventilating” as they used to be, and this lack of air circulation leads to higher moisture levels in houses and more rampant indoor mold growth.”

Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks from Steve’s book in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the entire e-book you can find it here via his website (

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| 4 years ago

This product is great. It worked on my mold

Montgomery triangle is awesome

Claire Lane
| 4 years ago

I like this article. It helped me to understand about mold. I am going to open up my door and windows more often. I'm not sure I have mold but I have been coughing lately. I thought that may be the reason. Perhaps I don't air out my apartment enough. Thanks for the article.

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