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Concrobium Moisture Grabbers Video

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

We made a fun new video to celebrate the launch of our new product!  Everyone here at Concrobium Mold Solutions is excited to introduce the newest members of our product line:  Concrobium Moisture Grabbers and Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL.  They’re humidity absorbing pouches that pull moisture out of the air and lock it away in a stay-dry core.  Now not only can you use Concrobium products to fight mold but you can even prevent the conditions that allow mold to happen in the first place!  Watch this fun little whiteboard video on moisture grabbers to get a good idea of how and where they work.  Now available across North America at select Home Depot stores.

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Debbie Baez
| 3 years ago

Wow super idea! Will go to my Home Depot and definitely try this product! Will keep you posted! If this product works as well as advertised I know a lot of people who would buy this product. Hope they work!

Much thanks
Debbie Baez

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