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Keep Clothes Clean with Concrobium Mold Control!

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Get your clothes and shoes back to their best and eliminate musty smells with  Concrobium Mold Control.  Cooped up in closets, drawers and suitcases, sometimes clothing needs a little more than a run through the laundry to get rid of that damp, musty smell. Or even worse, you could open your wardrobe one day to see gross fuzzy mold forming on all of your favourite shoes!

Don’t panic though, because unless your items are severely infested, you should be able to get them back to their best using Concrobium Mold Control. Non-toxic ingredients mean no skin irritation and no damage or discolouration to your clothing or shoes. A simple yet effective treatment, clothing can be soaked in a solution of Concrobium Mold Control, and left to dry. You can also launder if desired.

For shoes, apply a thin, even coating of Concrobium Mold Control to the affected surface and allow to dry. While this won’t discolour fabric, we do always recommend testing on an inconspicuous area first. Concrobium Mold Control physically crushes the mold spores at the root, eliminating the existing mold as it dries. If there is some residual mold staining on the surface of your shoes, you can use a dampened cloth to gently wipe it away. The result? Mold and mildew is eliminated, leaving a fresh, clean scent! Of course, if your clothes and shoes are severely infested with mold, they should be bagged and discarded. If this happens, you can use our moisture grabbers inside your closets to soak up the dampness in the air and prevent any more disasters!

Lastly, make sure that your clothes are completely dry before putting them away. Mold loves moisture, so by limiting the amount present in your closets, this will prevent mold and mildew from forming.

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