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Photo Fail: Save your Snaps with Moisture Grabbers

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Many of us keep boxes of old photographs stored away to remind of us of childhood memories and special occasions. In fact, even in this digital age, a lot of people prefer a physical photograph to hold or put into frames, rather than an online image. However, storing photos away for any period of time can be risky. Ever opened up your sentimental box of photos to discover something like this? 

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That’s because printed photos have a gelatin coating that acts like glue when exposed to moisture, causing them to stick together. Attempts at separating these sticky photographs will often result in destroying them altogether. You can prevent this from happening with one simple trick before putting your pics away: Concrobium Moisture Grabbers 


These small pouches are specially designed to protect your possessions against moisture-related damages. By placing one of the small pouches in the box or folder alongside your photos, the water-attracting technology will capture and absorb the dampness in the air before they do any harm to your precious pics…saving your memories without any mess! If you’ve already experienced a serious slip-up with your snaps, head on over to  for some advice on how to separate your photographs with minimal destruction. But next time, remember to play it safe and save your snaps with Moisture Grabbers.

Moisture Grabbers are currently available in select Canadian Tire, Home Depot, K Mart, Kent, Menards and Ace locations. For more information on our products and where to purchase, click here.

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