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Oct 201731

Who you gonna call? Concrobium Mold Control

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

There isn’t a lot that goes on within the confines of the mold fighting business that the general public would find particularly interesting until they actually required the services of a professional to help them out of a bad situation.  The people who work in the mold remediation industry are… Read More

Oct 201725

It’s the Great Concrobium Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

  At Concrobium Mold Solutions we love hearing how you’ve used and loved our products.  We receive a steady stream of messages that start off as horror stories where mold is discovered in a a dark secluded corner of the family home and threatens the health and safety of all… Read More

Sep 201719

In Memoriam: Glenn Haege

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

The DIY radio world lost a unique voice last week with the passing of Glenn Haege, who hosted The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege on Detroit radio for 34 years.  Glenn’s nationally syndicated program helped Americans from coast to coast with their home improvement questions… Read More

Sep 201713

Tackling Mold In Your Crawlspace with Mike Holmes

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Have you been down into your crawl space lately? Many homeowners who have them don’t know what to do with them – and if they go down there and smell something musty or find traces of mold they begin to panic. Trust me, I’ve gotten the emails. If your… Read More

Aug 201703

Efflorescence vs Mold by Mike Holmes

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

A lot of homeowners are concerned about mold. I should know – I hear from a lot of them every week on my social media feed. Prolonged exposure to mold can make you sick, so it makes sense that if a homeowner suspects mold, they’re going to worry. But… Read More

Jul 201720

BBQ Cleaning Tips for a Gross Grill

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

BBQ Clean Up: Here’s How! Photo via Gross, right?! If you’re only an occasional griller, and haven’t taken your barbecue out for a spin in a while, this sight on your grill might be all too familiar next time you lift up that cover. That’s because, as we know, mold loves moisture! And grease too. Read More

Jun 201730

Foundation Problems? Mike Holmes to the Rescue!

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

No matter what time of year it is, I constantly get questions about foundations. When people find cracks, often, their first instinct is to panic. I want to let you know that just because you’ve found a crack, doesn’t mean you need to give me a call just yet. Read More

Jun 201719

Condensation on Camera Lens: Why it happens and how to prevent it.

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

A camera is the ultimate summer accessory. However, inclement weather can sometimes destroy your chances of the perfect shot! Now, we’re not talking about rain making your hair frizz. Or tan lines resulting in a less than picture-perfect appearance. We mean the effect weather can have on your equipment!… Read More

May 201730

How Often Do I Clean That? Garage Edition

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

We often neglect our garages when it comes to cleaning. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Yet, how many times have you tripped over that old box or found something that you thought you lost 5 years ago? Probably every time you’ve ventured in there! Well, here’s some… Read More