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Mold Can Grow in the Most Unexpected Places

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Mold in your kitchen is not that surprising. Think about the last time you cleaned out your fridge. Did that weeks-old turkey dinner look a little green? Tossing it out in the trash was the easy part. But did you know some of our customers have found mold inside their household appliances? This can seem like the last place for mold to grow. What would you do if you found mold in your ice maker, freezer or your dishwasher? Let’s discuss!

How Did This Happen?

What do all these places have in common? Moisture. All it takes is as little as 24-48 hours, and mold can start to form. Especially if these household appliances have been turned or shut off. All that dampness is now trapped inside and even a little dust or grime can help feed the mold.

What do you do now?

First things first: getting the interior of your appliances nice and dry. This may mean unplugging or turning off your fridge or freezer. Open their doors to give them some time to air out. Next, spray Concrobium Mold Control and let it dry completely. Once dry, your mold is encapsulated and eliminated, however, there may be some mold staining left behind. If staining or residue remains, scrub with a cloth or brush dampened with Concrobium Mold Control – or take other cosmetic steps to improve the look of the surface like Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser. Remember that once the cleaning step is complete it’s important to leave a layer of Concrobium Mold Control on the surface to provide mold resistance. Reapply when desired as the product is water soluble.


The great news is Concrobium Mold Control is completely non-toxic and water soluble. You can use warm to hot water and a light agitation to clean off any residual still left by Concrobium Mold Control; this product is one of safest solutions on the market for mold remediation.

Watch our VP of Global Sales, Tim Mulroney, demonstrate how safe it is!

Now that you’ve tackled the mold, lets get cooking! Tips or stories to share? Comment below as we love your feedback.

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