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Time to Fall Back: 3 Easy Tasks For Your Home

By: Concrobium Mold Experts

Daylight savings time is coming to an end. For me, that’s the first real sign that old man winter is well on its way. But for me it’s also my reminder to take care of a few important seasonal tasks. These are some important things to pay attention to at this time of year. They’re jobs you could almost set your watch to…

  1. Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors

This is something I stress every year on my social media pages. While you hope a house fire never occurs, the sad truth is that it can happen to anybody. This is why it’s so important to have working smoke alarms in your home. Ideally, you’ll have at minimum, one on every level of the home, in the kitchen, in the garage, and outside any sleeping areas.

Once you’ve got your alarms installed, you’re set, right? Wrong. Your units need fresh batteries to ensure they’re in proper working order. I always suggest changing them twice a year – and for me, that happens when I change my clocks. And of course, test them monthly, too.

  1. Get Ready for Extreme Temperatures

Winter is well on its way. I think I even saw a few flurries in the air here in Toronto. Are you stocked up for the winter? By that I mean, you should have plenty of deicing agents on hand for when the snow, sleet, and ice hit. You’ve got a lot of options to choose from – but I’d stay away from throwing down salt. It can be corrosive, destroy your grass, and most importantly, make our pets sick. Sometimes when I take my dog, Charlie out for a walk, he gets salt on his paws. When we get home, he starts licking them, and by the next day, he’s sick.

You want to have plenty of canned food and bottled water on hand in case a major blizzard strikes and the power goes out. At least three days worth. And don’t forget a handheld can opener! A generator can also help during an emergency by restoring power in places you need it most.

During the winter, we tend to keep our homes much more tightly sealed (leaving all windows and doors firmly shut). If your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, and is too air tight, you may experience higher levels of humidity and moisture in your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially susceptible – particularly if you don’t have a good exhaust system. The act of cooking, showering, and even breathing creates moisture. If we can’t properly vent that, you may be looking at mold development. Stock up on Concrobium Moisture Grabbers to store in spaces that are especially prone to moisture.

  1. Don’t Schedule a Renovation

The holidays are around the corner – and no matter what you celebrate, your home is likely to receive visitors from all over for the next few months.

Are you fantasizing about a new kitchen or dining room to entertain family and friends? Well, I hate to throw a damper on your plans, folks, but I highly recommend not scheduling a renovation around the holidays. Why? Because delays happen all the time during renovations. If you tie a renovation to a date (like being complete right before Christmas), you’re asking for trouble. Imagine planning a big family dinner and having to set an extra plate for your contractor, still in the middle of their work!

I’m not saying you have to hold off on any work, especially if it’s truly necessary (like a new roof). But don’t buy your turkey and all the trimmings if you’re not guaranteed to have your space ready to go.

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