How to Remove Mould on Clothing

Cooped up in closets, drawers and suitcases, sometimes clothing needs a little more than a run through the laundry to get rid of that damp, musty smell.

Try using Concrobium on clothing to eliminate musty smells safely.

  •   Solution

    For damp, musty smelling clothes,

    1. Try soaking them in Concrobium Mould Control and then allow to dry. Launder if desired. The solution eliminates mould and mildew, leaving a fresh, clean scent.
    2. Clothes and items that are severely mould-infested should be bagged and discarded.
  •   Tip

    Be sure that clothing is completely dry before putting away into closets and drawers. This will limit the amount of moisture on your clothing and prevent mould and mildew from forming.

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