How to Remove Mould on Saddles

Without proper ventilation, moisture and humidity problems can cause mould growth in barns and on equestrian equipment.

Regular exposure to the elements without proper ventilation and drying time can cause mould and mildew build up on equipment like saddles and reins.

  •   Solution

    For spot treatment of mouldy areas:

    1. Always test on an inconspicuous section first. Then spray the affected area with Concrobium Mould Control and allow to dry thoroughly. As it dries, Concrobium will crush the mould spores at the root and eliminate the existing mould.
    2. Next, scrub the surface with a Concrobium-dampened cloth or brush to remove remaining mould residue.
    3. Reapply Concrobium to ensure a thin protective layer remains on the surface to prevent future mould growth.

    Controlling the relative humidity in barns to avoid excessive moisture can help to prevent mould and mildew from forming on surfaces and equipment.

  •   Tip

    Want to remove that musty, damp smell from the entire barn? Fogging allows you to mist Concrobium through the air to cover large area’s affected by mould.

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