Moisture Grabbers Mini

Concrobium Moisture Grabbers Mini are a desiccant product designed to protect surfaces and possessions against: moisture damage, musty odors, and rust & corrosion. The unique water-attracting and storage technology is engineered to capture and reduce moisture in small, confined areas.

Cabinets & Pantries Luggage & Sports Bags Safes Storage Bins

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    A single Concrobium Moisture Grabbers Mini pouch is effective for spaces up to 10 cubic feet. This product is ideal for use in small, containers and bags including: drawers, suitcases, camera bags, gym bags, safes, toolboxes, and small storage bins.

  •   How It Works

    Concrobium Moisture Grabbers minis draw moisture from the environment and keep bags and storage bins dry to protect your valuables from moisture damage.

  •   How to Use
    1. Remove pouch from clear plastic packaging
    2. Gently shake pouch to mix contents
    3. Place on a flat surface in desired location

    One pouch is effective for spaces up to 10 cubic feet. For bigger enclosed spaces use multiple pouches or regular sized Moisture Grabbers.

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